For over 35 years, the Insurance Center has been committed to Credit Unions.  Originally established to serve local Dayton area CU's, we now operate in multiple regions across the US, delivering a full array of top-notch products and services to all types of Financial Institutions.  

Fueled by our strategic partnerships with the best providers in the country, we're not only able to deliver the best products the market has to offer, but maintain the highest level of support and service.  By utilizing the economies of scale from our large providers, while still maintaining the small company service mentality, we can deliver the best of both worlds to any Financial Institution.

Not only do we value our Credit Union/Bank partners, but also our Brokers.  Over the years, our broker network has continued to grow and has enabled us to expand into new areas.  We've built our business on partnership, rather than acquisition, allowing brokers to maintain their independence while allowing everyone to benefit from the Insurance Center business model.  



The challenge of all small companies is to not only provide great service on a day to day basis, but be able to provide great service which is scalable and can be delivered 100% of the time.

The Insurance Center is positioned to do just that. Great service comes from great employees who fully understand the market and products. Large servicing companies often struggle with turnover and lack of continuity, which is burdensome to high levels of service.  Our direct support staff has over 30-years experience in the market and the expertise to accomplish anything in front of them.

Here at the Insurance Center, you will immediately notice the "difference".  We have built our business on the foundation that each customer, whether $10-Million in Assets or $3-Billion in assets, deserves the best.  You are the reason we exist and we fully understand that!

Core Competencies…


  • The ability to evaluate a situation and implement a combination of strategies to fill the void
  • Bringing together a vast network of services and providers under one umbrella
  • Freedom to design a solution to meet the needs of the Financial Institution
  • Representing YOU and your interests, not a particular Company

Network of Brokers…

  • A partnership of brokers, focused on efficiency and results
  • Providing brokers the economies of scale needed to compete in a competitive market
  • Building on the strengths of many, to overcome barriers and obstacles in front of us
  • Collaboration and strength in numbers

Commitment to Partnership…

  • Over 35 years of partnership and commitment to Financial institutions
  • Service oriented and relationship driven
  • Not a vendor, but a partner
  • Through exceptional service, we will earn your partnership


  • If we don’t change, we will be left behind
  • Striving to be proactive to market changes, not reactive
  • Ability to change quickly and adapt to new opportunities makes all the difference